Tyke Toter Review

*I received a free Tyke Toter in exchange for writing a review here, on the blog. All opinions are my own.

Back in the day (15ish years ago) my husband would put my little 2 year old in the backpack and go for a bike ride. I hated it when he did this. I could just imagine him biffing it and my baby’s head getting split open. I did not approve and couldn’t watch. My hubby didn’t see the problem with it and still doesn’t. The funny thing is, that when I tell this story to others, there are other men who do the same thing and don’t see a problem with it either. WHAT THE…?!! I haven’t let my husband do this with any of the other kids as they came along, I just can’t take it.

I went and bought a trailer for my littles and that is what we used for years but once my kids hit a certain age, they wanted out.

They wanted to be a part of the ride rather than stuck in a cage. So, we bought this Tag-A-Long. My kids love this but they really have to be about 5 yrs old to use it.
So when I heard about this Tyke Toter I was SO pumped to try it out as I have a 4 year old who isn’t quite big enough for the Tag-A-Long but doesn’t like the trailer any more. This Tyke Toter is THE perfect solution to this problem and it is THE easiest thing to attach to a bike.

When we received our Tyke Toter in the mail, my 4 year old was super excited- a box containing something just for him!! My hubby and I were excited as well because it meant family bike rides that don’t require 30min of attaching something to our bikes before we can go anywhere AND keeping our littlest close. Not only that but Gid could be a part of the bike ride rather that being dragged behind.

My husband was going to put it on my bike but the bar that you put the foot rest on was too small around. So he attached it to his bike, which the bar was a little too big -you can see how the curve of the plastic doesn’t allow it to conform completely to the bar. He kept cinching it and got it tight enough that it held well, even though that gap wasn’t totally closed. It helped to have that pad between the bar and the foot rest. (their website says that it is a universal fit so maybe we were doing something wrong, I don’t know. But it worked so I am happy)

It takes less than a minute to attach the seat so within a couple of minutes we are ready to rock n’roll.

We chose to go on a fun family bike ride in Provo Canyon-if you would like to read about that, click HERE.

We love the Tyke Toter. I love that it keeps my little guy close- as close as you can get on a bike ride. Derrel enjoyed having Gid close. They were able to talk to each other and Derrel didn’t have any problems with balance as it is located in the center of the bike. Gid loved having his own handle bars and the foot rest kept his feet out of the way of Derrel’s and the tire. Gid was giggling and having so much fun. Derrel was even goofing around and “being a crazy driver,” as Gid put it.

We LOVE the Tyke Toter and will be using it all summer. I definitely recommend this to anyone with children 2-5 yrs old. I sure wish I would have had this through ALL my children, my older kids do too;)

The Tyke Toter is available for purchase on amazon and at tyketoter.com