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A lifestyle is a way of life that is characteristic of an individual or group. It is a combination of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. This is the foundation of personality, and the factors that contribute to the development of a lifestyle are numerous. Some of these factors are more easily identifiable than others. For example, […]


There are two categories of international relocation: commercial and residential. In the commercial category, there is an assortment of items to be moved from one location to another: ships, aeroplanes, trucks, and machinery. You can choose to move your household goods (including computers, televisions, etc.) or household furnishings (even your vintage furniture). Businesses sometimes move

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I had a fantastic time at the Uplift Families Conference! I met some amazing people and learned lots of new things to help my own little family in our pursuit for more happiness. The winds were super crazy and kept knocking over everything, but that did not stop me from enjoying myself and telling everyone

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