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See the Happy™

Here on See the Happy, we are three sisters {Meg, Elisa, and Kirsten} who love to highlight the happy in the everyday. We all experience hard things that can affect us and our families, but it all depends on what our focus is. Through the ups and downs of life, we have come to realize two things:

  • there is happiness happening all around us, we just have to learn to SEE it and
  • we can create more joy and true happiness through loving ourselves, others, and God.


Loving ourselves can look like many things – self care, being able to sit in complete self-acceptance, or taking time to do things you enjoy – we love to create, so you will see fun DIY projects, PARTIES (because life should be celebrated!), and fun FREE PRINTABLES.


Loving others can look like serving in any way- sending a text or making a phone call, dropping off a treat on someone’s doorstep, or spending time with others – we have yummy RECIPES to make for your family, SMALL ACTS OF KINDNESS ideas, FAMILY FUN and YOUNG WOMEN ideas that all promote connection and strengthen families.


Loving God for us encompasses all of these things. We show our love to God as we are grateful, we improve our talents, as we serve our families and others, and that we recognize He has our back and will help us through any hard that life throws at us. We have seen first hand what a difference it can make to look for and recognize all the happy happening around us. We love to See the Happy!


Want to have more happiness in YOUR every day? Explore our menu and be inspired, or come along with us on our adventures!

The Kusi Life

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