Pageviews Page views are one of the most common metrics that web analytic services track. This metric measures the number of times a website page has been loaded or reloaded by a user. High page views can indicate that a specific webpage is popular with your audience. However, high page views paired with low unique […]

ISO 27001 audits are a key step on the road to certification. Once an internal audit gives a clean bill of health, the external audit follows. The process includes an initial review, a gap analysis, a series of tests, and monitoring your ISMS. Once passed, an extensive Recertification Audit is required every three years to

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Preparation Is Key One of the most important things to remember about painting is that it’s not just a matter of buying a can of paint and slapping it on the walls. There is a lot of preparation that goes into it, and not doing the prep work correctly can result in shoddy results and

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Tofu Stir Fry Tofu stir fry is a great meal for vegetarians. The sauce can be made with a few ingredients, including soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, honey, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and red pepper flakes. It can also be served with other vegetables, such as broccoli. Butternut Squash Soup Butternut squash soup is a

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