Flower Pens- Add a little happy to your space

The newness if summer is wearing off for my children, how about yours? More and more I am hearing, “I’m Bored, what can I do!” When I get this from my kids I either give them a list of chores to pick from or I tell them to choose something from our Summer Bucket List. Flower pens are on our list so we chose to make some. These were actually my contribution to our list because I wanted to add a little happy to a few spots in my house where pens and pencils are collected and used.

For me, adding just a little something to the every day blah, makes me smile. These somethings might include painted nails, a sparkly wallet, a cute pad of paper for my list of things to do, happy cards to send to others… I have a couple flower pens that someone made for me a while back and having those adds a little happy to my day. I realize that I am always reaching for a flower pen and that I move them from room to room and when it is not handy, it bugs me. Because of my love for these pens I thought, “why not make more and add a little sunshine to each of the rooms that I keep pens/pencils?” This is a simple craft that my children 4-13 years old helped with.

All you need is:

  • Your favorite pens- I like these Bic pens
  • Some artificial flowers- ones that make you smile. I love the Gerber Daisy so that’s what I chose
  • Floral tape

Separate flowers keeping the stems about 3″ long. My 4 and 7 year olds helped with this part. the green plastic off the wire by cutting the plastic and then slide it off
Then holding that flower stem against the pen, wrap the floral tape around that top part.

Overlapping the tape, continue down to about an inch away from the tip, leaving space for the lid.

And check it out!! you are done. Wasn’t that easy?
I have added some of these flower in my kitchen,
at our computer table
and in my craft room.

Look, they even cover up the other pens/pencils and make it look less cluttered. They are just so cute and they sure give me a little happy boost every time I see them. These would even be a great gift to brighten someone’s day!

What is something that adds a little happy to your day?