Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! We’ve compiled a list of our top favorite things that would make great Mother’s Day gifts. I’ve posted links for each of these items so you can learn more about them and order if you’d like. They are highlighted in blue. Here goes!

1. Everyday MOMents by Jessica Poe. This is a fantastic little book about discovering Christ in the details of motherhood. It’s a quick read, which is great for busy moms! It has some wonderful ideas about how to feel the Spirit and recognize God’s love for you in each day. This is perfect for tired, overwhelmed mommies! I did a complete review of this book back in March – check it out here. This book can be purchased from Amazon or Deseret Book.

2. The European Facial at Lou Lou’s Spa – I have had the opportunity to have the European facial at this spa twice in my life and let me tell you it’s not enough!! I love getting a facial but getting one from Lou-Lou is the only way to go for me now. My husband gave me a gift certificate for a facial here the week before our wedding. It was AMAZING!! I have never had such a great facial experience – in fact it ruined me for any other facial, ever! My husband has given me other gift certificates for facials at other places and I always go in super excited only to be super disappointed when it’s all over. No one comes close to how Lou-Lou does her facials. I went to her again a few weeks ago – my husband gave me a gift certificate to her spa again – hallelujah!  It was just as fabulous this last time!  I don’t think I can go anywhere else again because I always feel like I wasted my money and I’m a bit sad because it just wasn’t as good as the one at Lou Lou’s Spa! All you Utah peeps, this one is here in the Salt Lake Valley, but for those of you who don’t live near the Salt Lake Valley just google spas and facials near your area. You can easily find reviews for different businesses. Also, check with the mom’s in your life or other women and see where they love to go. A gift certificate to their favorite facial place is sure to please!

3. Jewelry from Littlefield Lane – This place has awesome jewelry! What more can I say?! They sell charms and chains in silver, gold, and rose gold. It’s simple yet sophisticated and just lovely.  There are all kinds of charms with sayings that go right along with moms and their children. I really love the idea of a jewelry piece that is symbolic of my life with my husband and children. I love it when I can look at that necklace and remember special people and special memories that I have with them. You can pick one charm or several that match your mom and the relationship you have together. So in essence you get to create the perfect unique gift just for that special woman in your life.  If she’s a lover of jewelry and if she’s sentimental then she’s sure to love this! Check out their large selection here.

4. Cranium’s Hoopla – Our family loves games. Like really, really loves games! Did I mention that we really like to play games?! This is one that I love playing as the group is actually a team and you are all working to beat the clock. There are lots of opportunities for laughter with this one! Each player has cards with a picture on it and they have to try to get the group to guess what it is by way of: drawing a picture, doing some charades with sounds – no talking, making up something like a tongue twister, and bigger than – smaller than. There is a special die that is rolled which will determine how the player will try to give clues to the group. This is so much fun and one that we play over and over again! You can order your own at Amazon.

5. Telestrations – I told you we really like games, right? So here’s another one we have really enjoyed. This game is a cross between Pictionary and Telephone – yes that old fashioned game from your childhood where you whisper something into a person’s ear and it gets passed on to the entire group and finally comes back to you at the end and you see how your original statement changed from beginning to end. This fun game is similar. Everyone has a little notebook and a dry erase marker. Each person starts by writing down a phrase and passes their book on to the next person, the next person draws it, then next person looks at the drawing and writes down a new phrase. This goes on until the entire group has had a turn and then you get your original phrase back – then you look through all the drawings and phrases. Plan for some hilarious moments! This game is tons and fun! It comes in a regular size that accommodates 8 people or a party pack that accommodates up to 12 people. Amazon carries this one as well.

6. Lullaby CD & storybook by JJ Heller – You may be wondering why I would include a CD of lullaby music and a story book on this list of Mother’s Day gifts. Well, I’ll tell you – this music and story is not just for little ones! If your mom is sentimental at all this is a sweet gift that will make her think of her children when they were small, if her children are still small it will help her see this season of life from a different perspective and help her to savor those sweet moments she has with her babies. AND if the mother in your life has little ones that struggle with falling asleep this music has been known to soothe babies and help them to sleep so their mamma’s can too! I have read lots of reviews and stories of this music where tired mommy’s the world over have thanked the artist for this wonderful music that helped soothe their baby and gave them some much needed time to sleep themselves. The storybook is based off the title song “I Dream of You” it is darling and sweet and will please mammas and their little ones alike. Just FYI – JJ Heller and her husband are a musical team – they write and perform music that comes from their own experiences and their hearts. I discovered them about a year ago and I have really loved their music.  You can purchase the CD and the book separately or in a bundle on the JJ Heller website. You can also see a little preview of the book itself, read by one of their daughters here. The JJ Heller site offers lots of sales, buying options, and you can even listen to previews of the songs, so make sure to check it all out. You won’t be sorry!

7. Cucina Pro Crepe Maker – This is one that Meg has been using, and she LOVES it! Here’s why this is her go-to for crepes: It takes less time to cook a crepe than it does using a skillet on the stove-top. The batter goes further – you get more crepes vs. using the same amount of batter with the skillet/stove-top method. She can work on making other things at the same time that the crepe’s are cooking on the crepe maker. It’s so easy, her 7 year old can make them! Her kids even fight over who is going to make the crepes! What mom wouldn’t love to have her kids helping her in the kitchen making a delicious meal?! Crepes are so yummy and you can make them not only sweet but there are plenty of savory recipes on the internet as well. My family had a little crepe making party not too long ago. Now, if we had this awesome crepe maker it would have been so much faster and easier! We made some amazing savory crepes for dinner and then had some sweet ones for dessert. So much fun!!!  Order this from Amazon.

8. The Pioneer Woman Cast Iron Butterfly Cookbook Stand – if your mom loves to cook then this could be a great gift! If she loves butterflies then bonus points for you! It’s heavy and sturdy and when there isn’t a cookbook being used on it, it a just lovely! You can only purchase this from Wal-Mart. On their website you can check to see availability in the store nearest you. If they don’t have any in stock at the store you can order it online and have it shipped to your home for a fee or just have it shipped to the store, free of charge! They text and email you when it’s ready to be picked up! Super easy! I had to order mine online – I was told it would take a week for it to come in, but I was pleasantly surprised that it came in just four days! Yay!

9. Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker – If your mom is an ice cream connoisseur, what better gift than one that helps her to make her very own delicious recipes easily and fast?! This is a fun tool that allows you to make your own frozen treats without rock salt and cranking a handle or the loudness of other mechanical ice cream makers. It is noisy, but significantly less than the more old fashioned models. Your ice cream is ready in about 30 minutes. At this point it’s still pretty soft, but enjoyable nonetheless. You can then freeze it for 4-24 hours to make it harder. It’s so fun and so delicious!! You can order your ice cream maker here.

10. Return to Me on Blu-Ray or DVD – This is one of my all-time favorite movies! Yes, it’s a chick flick but its super funny! I like it more for the comedy than the romance. It’s heartwarming and just an all-around great show! Bonnie Hunt directed and was a supporting actress in this fun film – so hopefully that gives you any idea of just how funny it will be! If you don’t know who Bonnie Hunt is or any of the shows she was in, then I feel sorry for you because you have really missed out on some great laughs! This is a harder one to find. I have only been able to find it online to order. Amazon has it here, but be aware that the DVD and Blu-Ray discs are for certain regions of the world and may not play on your player. Check the specifications on the Amazon page for this item to see if it will play on your player.

11. Harmon’s Cooking School – First, for those who are not living in Utah, Harmon’s is a wonderful grocery store in our state. I recently learned that they have cooking school at several of their locations – which makes me like them even more! If you don’t live in Utah, google cooking classes in your area. While doing some research I noticed that other places in the United States offer cooking classes as well. My husband and I recently attended one of their classes. It was so much fun!! There is a professional chef there to teach you in a state of the art facility. The “classroom” reminded me of my cooking classes in high school except for new and super nice. There are several mini kitchens with a large kitchen at the front for the chef to use. The class has up to 16 people in it and the students are divided up into small groups and work together in a mini kitchen to make the recipes featured for that night. We signed up for French Country Desserts. Oh my! They were delicious!! There were several couples, a mother/daughter team and even some people who came alone. If your mom loves to cook, learn new recipes and techniques then this would be fun for her! She’d probably have more fun if you came with her so whether you’re a husband or older child this could be a fun date night for the two of you to make wonderful memories while learning together! Go to this site to see what classes they have coming up and to register.

12. The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale – This is one of my favorite books! It’s based on an old fairy tale of the same title. I had the chance to read it once and compare to this story. Shannon Hale has taken the original story and filled in all the gaps. The author weaves a spellbinding story that you can’t put down until you get to the exciting and surprising end! If your mom likes to read and enjoys fiction, fairy tales, and good story telling then this could be an enjoyable gift for her. This book is the first in a series, and the series in all there available to read and they are all just as good as this first one. Just an FYI – this is the hardcover version of the book. There is a paperback version that has a photograph of a girl who is supposed to be the main character. I really don’t like that cover – this one is more whimsical and makes me want to read the book. The other cover – not so much. I’m giving you the link here to this hardcover version, but you can easily type in paperback after the title, click search and it will come up for you.

So there you go! 12 new ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, or anytime gifts!  I hope this helps any of those out there who struggle to know what a great gift might be. My husband is always telling me – I have no idea what to do!! Well here you go! These are all some great gift giving ideas, tried and tested from us here at The Kusi Life.

See the Happy!!