Personal Piñatas – A Party Favor

I love piñatas – for any kind of celebration. Birthdays, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, they are all great reasons to have a piñatas! My mother-in-law is a piñata pro. I am talking AMAZING! She is very creative and patient when making the piñatas for my kids birthdays. She always jokes that her awesome piñatas will be the one thing that her grand kids remember her for. All the kids just love the anticipation of breaking the piñata or pulling the piñata string and seeing what they can get their hands on of the treats or prizes inside. Even though there is usually one or two kids who end up with a ton of loot, they are always so good to share and help fill the goody bags of the kids that did not get too much.

I wanted to make a piñata for our Cinco de Mayo celebration, but was short on time so I decided to make these fun personal piñatas that each kid could have of their own. It was lots of fun to get my daughter and her cute friend in on the making of them as well!

What you will need:

  • plastic cups (I used 5 oz size)
  • candy or small toys (my kids favorite was the sticky frogs from Wal-mart)
  • streamers (colors to coordinate your party)
  • tissue paper
  • curling ribbon
  • scotch tape
  • glue sticks
  • scissors


Find a small bowl or cup about an inch bigger in diameter to the plastic cups in order to trace the circles for the tissue paper – you will need two for each cup.


Fill your cup with the goodies you bought for the piñatas. You want to make sure that it is not too full or poking out as it will make a hole in the bottom if its too full.


Trace the top 1/2 inch of the lip of the up with the glue stick and place one of the circles you traced out on top and secure it as pictured above.

Measure out strips of streamers and cut them the long way.


Then go ahead and cut a fringe on it, about half way up the streamer.


Using your glue stick go all away around the base of the cup and secure the fringe of the first color. I like the way it looks when you do two fringes of the same color, I think it looks nice 🙂


Add the circle to the top before you do the last two layers of fringe. Make sure the last layer is the same color as the circle.


Cut about 12 inches of curling ribbon and tape it on the bottom of the cup – this is where you will hang it from. Then cut two more pieces of curling ribbon and curl them and tape them on the top of the cup – this is where they will pull and all the candy will fall out.


You can hang them on a stick or just have someone hold it when the kids want to pull their string and find out what prizes fall out. The kids had a blast with making and breaking these piñatas, something the whole family can get involved in!

I hope that you like making them as much as we did!

See the Happy!