How To Sell Your House Fast During Covid-19

Coronavirus has drastically impacted our lives in almost every conceivable way imaginable.  Not only is it threatening our health and wellbeing, it is also affecting our economy, our socialising and our education.  These are what we here at the Kusi Life consider to be the most important areas that the virus is affecting people, but there are a whole host of other problems and complications that the virus is creating.  For example, shopping and getting groceries has been completely changed, and we know have to be careful when we are out shopping and getting essential items.  Another big factor is when someone wants to sell something, as people have reduced income and are generally not buying as much as they previously were.  People who are trying to sell houses are particularly affected, and could be in for a long wait if they are selling on the open market.  This post will explain how your can sell your house fast if you are looking to move house during coronavirus.

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How You Can Sell Your House Fast

Waiting around on the open market for a house sale was more often than not painful enough, but now with the economy in a slump, the waiting time has been extended beyond belief.  People are simply not buying houses, and with coronavirus looking set to stay on the world’s radar for at least the next few months, they are unlikely to be buying any time soon. So how can you sell your house fast in these turbulent times?  The answer is fairly straightforward – you sell to an online buyer who pays slightly less than market value but gets you a cash sale in as little as one week.

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What is an Online House Sale?

Selling a house online is not a new thing, however in recent years it has become one of the preferred ways that homeowners choose to sell their home.  Generally, an online property buying service will have cash funds ready to go so they can purchase properties without having to wait for a banks approval.  This means that they can purchase properties straight away, which is great for home owners that need a fast sale.  They also come with several other benefits over selling through the traditional route of using an estate agent.  Estate agents will usually charge anywhere from .75% to 1.5% for their service, whereas an online property buyer does not charge any additional fees for using their service.  It is all factored into the price that they offer you, which makes the whole process much simpler and easier to understand.  They will also provide you with your own solicitor free of charge, as usually a solicitor will take a percentage when selling with an estate agent.

sell your house fast

Advice During Corona

Downsizing can be a great option for people who are struggling financially during the coronavirus outbreak.  It can allow them to break free of a large mortgage and pay one that is within their reach.  This can all be done if you sell your house to an online buyer.