US Coronavirus Situation

The United States Of America have just reported 1 million cases of Coronavirus, and the death toll has exceeded the US deaths of soldiers in the Vietnam War.

Amidst riots and protests from disgruntled Americans that claim the virus is not an issue, or a hoax all together, the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus have been steadily increasing.

In America, at least 58,356 people have died from the virus, which exceeds the death toll of Americans who died in the Vietnam war, which totals 58,220.

These major milestones in the progress of the Coronavirus situation come at a time when official modelling for the virus state that the virus cases will rise due to the fact that Americans are not practising social distancing.

These models indicate that there will be a very slow reduction in deaths and cases even if social distancing practices are properly adhered to.

The problem is, many people are taking to the streets in large number to protest the lockdown measures that are in place.

These people are saying that the virus is not as bad as officials are making out, and others are outright denying the virus situation altogether.

People are protesting the fact that they have had to shut businesses and send people home from work, and saying that they are struggling to pay rent and feed themselves.

This is making the modelling even harder to predict for the authorities, and meaning that different states will have a longer peak period than others, which will lead to them affecting nearby states.

Georgia is one particular state that will likely see a sharp rise in the death tolls in its borders.

Georgia is deciding to start re-opening services and businesses, which experts say will likely double the rate of corona infection and deaths.

Georgia deaths per day is expected to jump from 31 a day to 63 people a day by august.