XOXO-simple Valentine Decor

I was looking for something to fill this space on my family command center wall.  I wanted to fill it with holiday decor and since Valentine’s Day is coming soon, that’s what it will be for now. I could not find any Valentine decor that I liked and that was perfect for this space.  I had already made something with a  heart that says LOVE so I didn’t want something with heart and love.   I had so many thoughts and ideas, but it is a smaller space and the things I wanted to do wouldn’t fit.  Walking around Micheal’s craft store I found some wood letters and came up with this XOXO idea that was super fast and easy.

Items Needed:

  1. 2 X’s and 2 O’s- I believe these are actually MDF (for my O’s I had to use zeros because they were out of O’s so mine are tall and skinny)
  2. Acrylic paint, your choice of colors- I decided to do dark to light
  3. Decorative nails (optional)
  4. wood glue
  5. Hammer, Sand paper, and a small nail that will not make a hole any bigger than your decorative nail (not pictured)

First I lightly sanded each letter so that when I painted them they didn’t have a fuzzy texture.  Then I painted each letter and let them dry.  TIP: Lay them out in order xoxo along with the paint in the order you want. I had my x’s together and my o’s together so when I started painting I did the second x the wrong color and had to paint over it, which wasn’t really a big deal but wasted a little time.

Next I laid them out how I wanted them, overlapping.  I chose to do a diagonal.  You can to horizontal or vertical as well.  I tried hammering the decorative nail directly in but they had a hard time going through the MDF without bending.  So I took a small nail and started a whole where I wanted it, then finished it with the decorative nail.

As I was putting the nails in I felt like it needed a little more so I put a bit of wood glue where the two letters connected and let it dry.  That gave it a stronger attachment.

Then I hung it on my wall with these awesome command strips since it is a light piece and because I want to switch it up next month.

I am happy with it.  I think it fits the space perfectly.

A little trivia for you:  Which letter represents hugs and which represents kisses?  We had a little debate on this- my husband, 16 yr old son and I.  For me I always thought of “X” being the hug because it is like the arms crossing for a hug.  And the “O” being the kiss because your mouth goes in an “O” shape when you kiss.  My husband and son insisted on the opposite.  So we looked it up.  I WAS WRONG!! “X” is in fact for kiss and “O” for hug, at least that is what Wikipedia says but I heard that it is not always accurate. LOL