Our Experience With VHS To DVD Conversion

Recently some of our team decided that they had some old media that they would like to preserve. They decided to try digital conversion services due to the numerous positive reviews that were freely available online as well as excellent feedback that many people had given the service. In this article we will give you a breakdown of how digital conversion services work and whether or not you may be able to benefit from the VHS to DVD service we used.


Weighing Up Different Options

Something which we did before getting in touch with the digital conversion company was considering our options. Often before you choose to go ahead with the conversion process there may be a variety of different types of options available to you. One such option was repair and refurbishment of old media. There are of course still some businesses operating that repair and refurbish VHS tapes to an extent.

However , one of the main issues that we found from reading about this service is that it can be costly and the work may not last for as long as you might hope. In addition to this , VHS is no longer a supported media format which means that there is less and less systems or expertise available to assist you with your individual media.

There are a number of clear advantages that VHS to DVD conversion offers such as the following:

  • Old media can be transferred into a newer more flexible format
  • There is no need to seek out specialist services when the media needs repaired as DVD is a very widely supported form of hardware/media
  • DVD offers a crisper picture and image quality with better audio quality as well
  • DVD can be used on multiple different platforms where VHS tapes are far more restricted

vhs to dvd

How Easy Was The Service To Use?

When we tried using this service we found the company we contacted to be very responsive and helpful when we were organising the conversion process. Within just a couple of days we had sent away the media and had received acknowledgement that the goods had been received. One of the great perks we enjoyed as part of using this service was fast and consistent communication. We were kept informed throughout the process and decided to leave a positive review in light of the service that we had received.

When we received the media back from the digital conversion company we were very impressed with the overall results. One of the most notable things about the results was the fact that the audio and video quality improved. This meant that we could enjoy our media in a more modern revitalised form. Another great feature of the service we found to be advantageous was the way in which the process was carried out.

Initially two pieces of media were sent out and these were returned in due time in new format alongside the original media copies.  Overall the experience we had using this service was overwhelmingly positive and we would highly recommend that other people also use this service.