How to get carpet stains out, like magic!

More than five years ago I found a red stain (I believe from a Popsicle) and an orange stain from a marker laying on the carpet without a lid. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of to get them out over about 4 years time. Among other things, I tried dish soap, Resolve, Spot Out Professional Strength Carpet Stain Remover, Bissel deep clean formula (in my carpet cleaning vacuum), carpet cleaning companies I even had a Norwex consultant try it with their stain remover. NOTHING worked, so for many years I resorted to hiding the spots with pieces of furniture and decorations.

Then one day I found a pin using these three items and thought, “what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.”
blogcarpet1 I believe any glass cleaner will work, I used Windex brand last time. Make sure your cloth is white cotton (if you use a cotton poly mix it will likely melt onto your iron so get 100% cotton). Also, you will be using the steam button on your iron so make sure that works.
**By the way I tried to go back to that pin I used before so I could give the person credit but it ended up taking me to a completely different stain removing post so I am not sure where this technique came from but I thank whomever you are!!

Last summer I tried this on those stains that had been through years of trying and failing and IT WORKED!! I could not believe it. It flippin’ worked. After all those years, it worked! I was so dang thrilled that I had to tell people. I made my husband and kids come check it out, I showed my friend that stopped by. I was on a major housekeeping high. There was seriously no sign that there was a stain there and it was even the longer twisted carpet that is hard to get anything out of. MAGIC!!

I recently got the Spring Cleaning bug and found some red stains in my boys’ room… NO PROBLEM! I am thrilled that I have a chance to share this carpet cleaning magic with you here. blogcarpet6
Just so you know, it works on more than just those hard to get out red or orange stains. In my boys’ room we found some dark spots as well from something that spilled and attracted dirt, and it worked on those too. (no food in the bedroom rule obviously isn’t followed)

Are you ready to work some magic?! Plug in that iron and turn it on cotton setting, on mine it is the highest setting. If you worry about what this might do to your carpet, try it in a hidden spot to test it out but I really had absolutely no problems.
First you spray your spot and let it sit for a few seconds…

…then lay your cloth on top and iron over the spot and steam it (“snoop it”, as my 4 year old says). The more steam the better.

Then dab the cloth over the hot steamed carpet. (I ended up folding the cloth over after the steaming so that I wouldn’t burn my finger tips.) It is best to dab and not scrub so you don’t loosen the threads of the carpet but I admit I did a little bit of scrubbing.

Repeat this as many times as it takes to get it out completely. I had to do it about 10 times for it to be gone all the way but look at this result. My little guy was so excited that his carpet was clean.

Clean carpets make me happy,