What Does An Overhead Gantry Crane Do?  

An overhead gantry crane is a crane designed for heavy lifting. It is designed to safely move large loads while avoiding obstructions. It is also designed to prevent tipping due to high-velocity winds. In addition, it is capable of explosion-proofing. These features make it a valuable piece of equipment for heavy-duty lifting projects.

Lifting Heavy Loads

Overhead gantry cranes are an essential tool in many industries. They provide precision lifting of heavy loads and ensure worker safety. They are versatile and can be equipped with specialized attachments to move heavy wires and foil. A gantry crane is also essential in the concrete industry, where heavy lifting is required. For instance, a gantry crane in a yard can be used for pouring architectural spans.

Avoiding Obstructions

Avoiding obstructions while operating an overhead gantry crane is crucial to safety. Operators should always wear a hard hat and tag line and must keep the crane path clear of obstructions and personnel. In every workplace where cranes are in operation, there should be official safety guidelines in place that are followed by all workers, as well as safety testing and crane training undertaken beforehand.

Preventing Tipping

Preventing tipping due to uplift is an important concern for roof-top structures during high-wind storms. Uplift is caused when high winds collide with a building, creating pressure below and a force pushing air up. High-quality roofing is important, especially in hurricane-prone areas, to prevent uplift damage. In order for a building to prevent tipping due to uplift, the pressure beneath the roof must be greater than the pressure above.

Explosion Proofing

Explosion proofing is an important safety feature when using an overhead gantry crane. It ensures that the girders of the crane are protected against explosions. Explosion proofing is available in both single and double girder configurations. It is also available in different capacities, so it can meet your specific requirements. Every crane is different, which is why you should know the type of crane you are working with and its capacity for operation beforehand. This prevents unprecedented safety hazards.

Cable Reels

Cable reels on an overhead gantry or jib crane are an essential component of a crane’s control system. These devices automatically store flexible cables and minimize maintenance costs. These systems are also convenient to install and can be powered by pneumatic air or electric systems. They also have the added advantage of allowing for adjustable pay-out angles.

Limit Switches

Limit switches are an important safety component of overhead gantry cranes. They provide consistent and predictable motion limits. However, they should not be used to limit end stops. Limit switches are responsible for ensuring maximum reliability for the machinery, adhering to safety procedures.