Ways You Can Switch To An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Turn Off Electricals

Your carbon footprint also includes your energy use at home. The best way to reduce this, is to get into the habit of turning off unused electricals. Most people will leave their electricals on standby instead of switching and unplugging. When you start to get into this habit, you should notice a significant difference in your energy bills.



Be sure to recycle at home. You can start by recycling plastic and cardboard, by putting them in their designated bin. Then you can recycle your clothes and other items like batteries. You could even take your car to be recycled when buying a new model.

Energy Saving Light bulbs

Switch your bulbs to energy saving light bulbs instead. These bulbs are said to use up to 80% less energy than a normal bulb and can last for 8,000 hours. Energy saving light bulbs do not have to be replaced regularly due to their durability, making them extremely cost effective.


Walk More Often

If your journey is short and within a walkable distance, make the conscious effort to leave the car behind. Driving adds to your carbon footprint, increases air pollution, and is responsible for a large number of emissions.


Shop At Sustainable Clothing Stores

Changing your shopping habits is one of the best ways to become more eco-friendly. Making the effort to research and shop with brands who are ethical, sustainable and make recycled clothing items is great for the environment. Not only is it cheaper, but it gives clothes a second chance.