{The Kusi Life} Top 10 in 2016

Hello friends! Thanks so much for stopping by to see what our top 10 for 2016 are! All 3 of us sisters have loved being a part of our blog and appreciate our readers who comment and share with others some of the happy we have decided to post. Just in case you did not know, the word “kusi” (pronounced coo-see) means happy in Quechua, a language spoken by the natives who live in the Andean mountains. Here at The Kusi Life we love to share anything and everything that brings us and our families joy – from learning something new, cooking up delicious recipes, crafts, home decor, book reviews, acts of kindness and more! We also try to share different happy things throughout the week on our Instagram accounts so be sure to check us out! My account is @thekusilife, Meg is @meg_thekusilife and Elisa is @elisa.thekusilife. We love our community and love learning from and getting to know our readers!

On to our top 10!

Our Caramel Apple Pretzel Bites have been SUPER popular. So delicious and so easy. They can add to a festive Fall get together, add green to your St. Patrick’s day celebration, or just for fun – who doesn’t love caramel apples year round?

It’s no wonder this recipe for our Chicken Salad Tostadas is wildly popular – mom’s love it because it is so easy and packed with veggies and they get no complaints from their kids – win – win!

Hand Lettering Fun is all the rage right now, and Meg shared some great ways to get creative with and practice your hand lettering!

Elisa’s Danish Walnut Crescent Cookies are a Christmas favorite, but can be enjoyed any time of the year really – melt in your mouth deliciousness!

This Outside Explore Bag by Elisa is an easy sew tutorial that helps moms keep all their kids treasures together and can be used for camping or beach trips, or just for your everyday park excursions, something both moms and kids will treasure!

These Sweet and Spicy Crock Pot Beef Tostadas have been a favorite – so easy and SO delicious! A definite crowd pleaser!

These DIY Tissue Jars by Meg are so cute to have around your own home, not to mention make the perfect gift for someone who is sick or sad!

These Kona Island Banana Muffins are super easy to whip up, perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a snack, and freeze really well- no wonder they are a favorite!

Meg’s DIY Burlap Garland can add to your home decor for any holiday, and she was actually featured on Better Homes and Garden’s for it this last Fall!

This Soft Caramel Popcorn feeds a crowd and is super addicting, no wonder it has been a favorite!

As 2016 comes to a close we hope that you enjoy time with your family and friends to welcome in the New Year. Life is always full of challenges, lots of ups and downs, but through it all we hope that you will join with us and look for the happy all around you – it is there, we just have to learn to see it! We would love to hear about some of your highlights for 2016, leave us a comment!

See the Happy!