Lego Tape Ideas and Review

*I was sent several rolls of Peel-N-Brick from The Brick Cave in exchange for an honest review, they are also offering a 20% discount code, read on for the code. As always, all thoughts are my own.

My son has recently become totally obsessed with Legos, and when I saw this awesome Lego Tape I knew we had to get our hands on some! We had a Lego Batman Party found HERE and rather than planning a bazillion games lots of kids don’t want to play – we got our Master Builders busy with building and playing with Legos and the new Lego Tape. The novelty of this was amazing as they got their creative juices flowing and came up with TONS of ideas on how to utilize and play with Lego Tape. With their imaginations the possibilities of this stuff is endless!

The tape we received from The Brick Cave came in both the 2 stud width and the 4 stud width. You can purchase your own over on Amazon , put in the code KUSILIFE for 20% off your purchase until July 10th! The tape is compatible with Lego blocks so all the bricks I have had since I was a kid were perfect for their play! The tape claims that it can be used on curved surfaces, around corners, other toys or upside down. It also claims to be bendable, flexible, and reusable, and the adhesive leaves little to no residue and allows the tape to be reused.

It has the paper on the back where the stickiness is being protected. We cut different lengths of the Lego Tape and then peeled it off to adhere to whatever surface the kids had in mind.

I was the first to try it – I cut a strip to put on our cupcake stand – we had the Lego construction workers holding the birthday sign – it was one of my favorite decorations at our Lego Batman party for sure! It turned out awesome and the tape held up great! Once in a while the stick fell out of the hands of the workers, but the Lego Tape stayed firm!

The kids wanted to try it on the wall – I had read a previous review that walls are about the only thing that it does not stick well to – could it be that my walls are not entirely smooth? Well we tried but it fell off rather quickly, so they moved it to the light switch and its still there! The different super heroes we hanging out and the kids thought it was an awesome way to play!

I decided that I wanted to have some on something permanent that the kids could play with so we got our Ikea bins from the playroom and stuck pieces on the backs of those. The kids made a sort of city and that play lasted for a long while!

Their imaginations were amazing as they could really set up the scene the way they imagined things – and they really couldn’t get over how cool it was!

They wanted to make a zip line so they went to work –

They built a tower out of their playmags and added some of the Lego Tape, connected a tire Lego piece to it and tied a string. (We did use yarn at first but it slowed the zipline down, so we switched to thread).

The other side was connected to my baby’s swing that is a bit higher and the zip line rocks! They could have also connected a similar piece like that of the playmags and could have connected it to the window with the same results. The tape held great! Once in a while if they were too rough the Lego piece would come undone from the tape, but the tapes adhesive never gave out. This was one of their favorite parts of the play! I loved how they kept using their imaginations they played for about 2 hours before I had to stop them!

They also wanted to decorate the frame from the Lego Batman party.

Anything with wheels had to have a flat Lego brick underneath to attach it to the tape, but held fantastic!

And our Batman guys love their view from up top!

The older kids were in charge of building these Batman and Robin Brick Headz- the husband thought they were so cool and decided to adorn the computer with them – the Lego Tape is the perfect way to showcase some of your cool Legos for sure!

All in all I have to say I am a big fan of the Lego Tape-

  • it provided hours of play for my kids and got them using their imaginations, and will continue to as we kept the tape on the bins for their playroom.
  • I definitely think its perfect for anyone who collects Legos or wants to have a little more personality on their desks at work- makes for some fun conversations thats for sure!
  • it sticks to really any clean surface (except for walls) and we did use it upside down, horizontal, and vertical
  • it is reusable – the kids removed some and rearranged things a few times – I would say it starts to lose its stick after maybe 4 or so moves.
  • the tape is bendable and flexible, easy to cut and the adhesive does a great job (obviously if you put too much weight on it, it could give out sooner) but it did not leave any type of residue on the surfaces

Other ideas the kids had:

  • on the refrigerator – I think this will be great so the kids can play as I make dinner or clean
  • in the car
  • Lego spiders crawling up the window for April Fools
  • Lego cup
  • on other toys- like cars or trains so it can carry Lego creations

I really feel like the Lego Tape has so many possibilities – especially when you allow the kids to use their imaginations! So go get your own Lego Tape from The Brick Cave on Amazon, and don’t forget to use the code KUSILIFE for 20% off until July 10th!