Friendship Gifts: A Gift Idea Guide

Searching for a sentimental gift for your best friend can be difficult, and expensive. It can be hard to find a simple, yet effective present that shows them just how much you love and appreciate them. When it comes to birthdays, Christmases, celebrations, over the years you may find it increasingly hard to find new and creative gift ideas that you haven’t bought before. This article will provide you with friendship gift ideas to give to your closest friends. These gifts are budget-friendly, yet personal and sentimental.


Friendship mug

One of the simplest, yet thoughtful gifts you can buy someone is a mug. Not only is a mug a budget-friendly option, but it is especially useful for a tea/coffee lover. Why not go more personal by choosing a friends mug that says “best friends” on it? This is a gift that can be kept for long-term use, and when your friend uses it, they will think of you. You could even buy one for yourself and have matching ones!

Personalised Portrait

Do you have that one picture of you and your best friend that captures your friendship perfectly? Well, an idea for a gift is to have the image made into a portrait. There are online sites that you can send your image to, and it can be drawn up and printed out so that you have a physical copy of it forever. You can even frame this to add more sentimental value.



Not all jewellery has to be expensive. Online, you can find cost-friendly bracelets that have a message engraved on the inside, usually saying “best friends” or a friends quote. In addition, a lot of the time you will have the option to personalise the message yourself. This means you could add a personalised touch by adding their name or both of your names.

Hand-Written Cards

Hand-written and hand-made gifts are often neglected nowadays and replaced with materialistic gifts. However, an extremely thoughtful way to make a gift more suited to the recipient, is to make it yourself! You could handwrite cards to your best friend with instructions to open them at certain times. For example, ‘open this when you are happy’, ‘open this when you feel sad’ and so on.


Make A Hamper

You could also make a hamper consisting of all your best friend’s favourite things. This could range from their favourite snacks, socks, skincare, hair care etc. A hamper is a gift that shows you know that person well, and you listen to their likes and dislikes. Not only does it look great, but they will also use and appreciate everything that’s inside!

Final Words

Friendship gifts are your way of showing your love and appreciation for someone special in your life. When choosing your gift, try to make it personal to the recipient, as well as sentimental to your friendship. Gifts do not always have to be expensive or materialistic. Show your friend just how much you love them by following this gift guide!