Chalk Paint Tissue Jar

This last weekend was the General Women’s Session of LDS conference.  The theme was loving and serving others.  Many beautiful thoughts were shared that encouraged us all to be aware of people around us that we can love and serve.  I feel that I fall short, as always, and want to help others but feel that with all I do, I am lucky to just get through the day. Sister Esplin said something that made me feel a little better about my situation.  She said, “sisters, some of you listening may feel stretched to capacity, ministering to the needs of family members.  Remember, in those routine and often mundane tasks you are in the service of your God.”    I believe there is a time and a season for everything.  One day I may be able to serve people in large ways and more often, but for now maybe I can do small things to bless others.

I am reminded of a couple experiences I’ve had over the years:  It seems like forever ago ( 8 or so years) when my husband was bishop of our ward and a friend of mine brought over a treat, chocolate covered strawberries and oreos, along with a cute little rhyme about taking time for myself.  I was fine, I didn’t really NEED anything but with this cute treat she let me know that she was aware of me and my family and our sacrifice to let my husband serve the people in our ward.  It always meant so much to me when people did things like this for our family to show that they were mindful of us while my husband was Bishop.  I often felt like a single mother when my husband served, but I was part of a beautiful ward family who supported and loved our family in so many ways.

Another time I felt love from a friend/neighbor was last school year, the first week of school.  My first grader was struggling.  I wasn’t quite sure why, he was totally fine the first two days.  He didn’t seem to have any anxiety that comes the first day of school, for most kids, and he had had no issues the whole year of kindergarten.  This day, I believe it was the third day, my 1st grader flipped out.  As they began walking in with their teacher he began to cry and grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  His teacher took him by the hand and dragged him in kicking and screaming.  I was so grateful that she was willing to do that but it broke my heart to leave him so sad.  Of course he was fine once he got inside but it just killed me to leave him that way.  Walking home I met up with my neighbor and was telling her what happened as I fought back tears (and failed).  The next day I didn’t see my neighbor walking home but shortly after I made it back home she stopped by with a treat.  She said she was thinking of me and wanted to bring a treat to either celebrate my child not crying or console me again if he did.  It touched me SO much to know that someone took the time to think of me.  Both of these examples were such simple acts, but they sure made me feel loved.

These two stories show how something simple can be done to serve and love others, it doesn’t always have to be a magnificent deed.  Just showing people that you are aware of them and love them can be enough.


I saw this cute tissue holder from Landeelu blog and thought it would be a great little something to take to people who are sick, mourning the loss of a loved one, sending off a missionary, sending a screaming child to school (wink,wink) or just plain down.  It is a simple craft anyone can do that will undoubtedly brighten someone’s day (especially if you add a treat and maybe a note specific to their situation).


Items needed:

  • Mason jar (wide mouth are easiest to get tissues in but regualr works too.  You can also re-cycle and use a jar from a sauce or jam-just clean it well so you don’t smell what was in there before)
  • scrapbook paper (a heavier one works best)
  • exacto knife
  • scissors
  • tissues
  • Paint and brush(my favorite is chalk paint but you can use whatever you like to paint with)
  • Clear Finish (I used Matte)
  • Heat n’ bond (optional)

First you want to wash your jar well.  I just wash mine with hot soapy water and make sure I dry them completely.  If you are spray painting yours I would suggest that you take it a step further and wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to make sure there is nothing on your jar to repel the paint.  With chalk paint I haven’t had this problem.

Paint the jar.  I put 3 layers on mine.  If you decide to do more than one layer be sure to let the paint dry completely before painting the next layer, otherwise it will just take off that first layer.

While waiting for paint to dry you can trace the size of your lid onto the heat n’ bond or if you are not using heat n bond just trace on your scrapbook paper, cut out, and skip the next few steps.  I chose to use heat n’ bond to make the paper stronger and harder to rip.

After you have traced and cut your heat n’ bond iron it to the wrong side of your scrapbook paper with no steam on a cotton setting.

Cut it out slightly smaller than your circle.

Peel the paper from the heat n’ bond.

Then cut an x in the middle of your circle with an exacto knife.

When your jar is painted with the layers you want sand over the letters and wherever you want some scratches to look a little shabby.

Spray it with a clear finish and allow to dry.

Take a chunk of tissues from the package, fold them in half making sure that you create a hollow in the middle so they can glide out easily and put them in the jar. **If you don’t make a hollow the tissues will tear and not come out easily.  An easier tissue I have found that is a little more expensive but made for this type of container is Kleenex Perfect Fit Facial Tissues –  that come in cylinders.**

Feed the center tissue through the x on your scrapbook paper and screw the metal jar ring on.

TA DA! The cutest tissue holder EVER!

I think I am gonna have to keep a few of these for myself as well.  I need one in each of my bathrooms because with cold season (and now moving on to allergy season) my family tends to use up all the toilet paper blowing their nose.

Click Here for free printable tags to add to the ones you give away.

**I suggest printing them now and have a craft day where you make a few of these to have on hand for those last minute thoughts of taking something to someone.  Then you will have no excuses when the thought comes to show a little love**