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DIY 2 Week Menu Planner

Part 3- Weekday Magnets

Items Needed:

  1. 14-bottle caps (can be found in the scrapbook section of a craft store)
  2. 1 sheet Card Stalk
  3. 1″hole punch
  4. 14-1″epoxy stickers (I wish they had these back when I made mine)
  5. 14- adhesive magnets
  6. Hot glue gun and glusticks

To make the magnets print this on your card stalk or create your own in the font you want, making them to fit your 1″ bottle cap. Punch them out with your 1″ punch, centering the letters in the middle.  Hot glue those into the bottle cap.  Then stick the epoxy sticker on top of that and press.  Now stick your adhesive craft magnet onto the back of your bottle cap.

YAY, Your Done!!!

I hope this idea helps you to find what will work for your family to make a dinner plan.  This menu planner has really helped me save time and sanity.


DIY 2week Menu Planner/ make dinner planning easy with this menu planner/

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