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DIY 2 Week Menu Planner


Part 2-Dinner cards and holders

Items needed:

  1. Card stalk
  2. Address labels 1″x 2 5/8″ – I used clear ones but you can use white if you like
  3. 4-adhesive craft magnets oops! I forgot these in the picture  (only 4 will be used for this part.  You will need 14 more for the weekday magnets)
  4. Paper trimmer
  5. Hot glue gun

I was so tired of eating things like spaghetti multiple times a month and really wanted to rotate dinners. I thought that if I could come up with 30 dinners, then we wouldn’t have to repeat a dinner in a 30 day period of time. So  I created a document to make cards for every dinner that my family likes and  I was able to come up with much more than 30 dinners.  I typed up all the dinner names, then made a label for each dinner containing the ingredients needed to make the dinner.  Because it took so much time and is just sitting here on my computer, I am going to save you some time and share that with you HERE (aaahhhh- angels singing in the background).  You may need to go into it and change up some ingredients according to your own recipes or even find a recipe on Pinterest to match the name of a recipe you may want to try.  Make it work for you and your family.

Print the dinner names on card stalk and then print the ingredients needed onto the clear address labels.  The labels are later added to the back of each card stalk dinner label. Be sure when you print these out that you select the pages you want to print on card stalk and others on address labels (the first 4 pages on card stalk and the last 4 on the clear labels).

Cut out the dinner cards with a paper trimmer and then match up the ingredients with the dinner name, sticking them to the back of the card.  I made 2 blank card stalk strips and laminated them so I could use a dry erase marker for times that I am trying new recipes.  If that recipe is a keeper, I write it down on a list that will later be made into a card once I have about 10.

Make your boxes with this pattern.  You can either print it onto card stalk or print it to paper and then trace onto card stalk and fold on dotted lines.  Then hot glue the bottom and side portions shown in the picture below.  Add 2 adhesive magnets to the back of each boxe.  The “Recently Used” and “Menu Items” labels are the last two printed on the dinner cards sheet.

ONE MORE STEP TO GO!!  Continue on to the next page to finish your menu planner.

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