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2 Ingredient Dish Cleaner

Growing up, my dad taught me to return things in better shape than when I borrowed them.  This is something that has stayed in my conscience for all these years.  I have a hard time giving something back that could be given back in better shape, if I can help it.

My sweet neighbor recently brought my family a delicious caramel apple pie in a glass dish that looked like it had had many delicious pies baked in it.  My family enjoyed eating it, very quickly emptying the dish.PicMonkey Collage

I realized that just throwing this in the dishwasher was not going to make it look clean and the thought came to mind that ‘I have an opportunity to do as my dad taught and return this looking better than when it was given to me, I could make this look like new.’

I remembered pinning something long ago that I wanted to try here.  All you have to do is mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste.  I believe I did about 2 parts soda to 1 part hydrogen peroxide but really you just add a little of one or the other until you have a good paste.clean1

I put some paste on the areas that needed it and let it sit for a minute (this is not necessary but I felt that maybe it would help loosen a bit of the gunk before I scrubbed). Then I scrubbed and scrubbed.  Yes, it takes a little bit of elbow grease but it worked.  I did try out my Norwex Spirinett Scubber as well.  It did help get some spots a little faster than the sponge did but in the end I like the sponge better. (The spirinett did a number on my nails, why didn’t I put some gloves on?  Well, cause I never do but maybe I should try it.  Then my nails won’t get so hammered when I clean…something to think about:)

Here is the halfway point where you can see the drastic difference.


And here you go!! The final results of the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mix, and of course a little muscle as well.


It felt good to make this dish look so beautiful to send back to our neighbors.  We filled it with brownies and my kids were so excited to take it back.  I am glad I could put into practice something my dad taught me so long ago and pass it along to my kids as well.

See the happy!


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